Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group
Bringing together primary producers, the agricultural manufacturing sector, agribusiness (services to agriculture) and Government.


Upcoming Dates

  Tuesday 11 April

Next Board Meeting

  Thursday 20 April

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The Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG) is the only organisation in Tasmania, and arguably nationally, which brings together primary producers, the food and non food agricultural manufacturing sector, plantation forestry, agribusiness (services to agriculture) and Government. TAPG is in a unique position to address issues that are of common concern to primary, secondary and service levels of Tasmanian agriculture.

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Aims of the Group

Ensure the ongoing productivity and growth of the Tasmanian agriculture, forestry, food and related services.

Provide a cooperative forum for the promotion, recognition and ongoing development of all sectors of Tasmania’s agricultural, forestry, food and related industries.


Promote the application of safe, efficient, sustainable and appropriate environmental practices.

Provide a multi-sector approach to issues affecting the Tasmanian agricultural industry.

Reinforce public confidence in the safety and quality of Tasmanian produce.

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