Our Board




Industry RepresentedNameTerm
Vegetable ProcessingRodney SmithTerm concludes Oct 2023
Plantation ForestryJim WilsonTerm concludes Oct 2023
Other Crop ProcessingRob SalmonTerm concludes Oct 2023
Education and TrainingAndrew HarrisTerm concludes Oct 2022
Fresh VegetablesMark Kable-Chairperson Term concludes Oct 2023
Other (Business Development)Allan BarrTerm concludes Oct 2022
Discretionary (Regulatory Affairs)Doris BlaesingTerm concludes Oct 2022
Vegetable ProcessingLes MurdochTerm concludes Oct 2022
Agribusiness ServicesThomas RadcliffTerm concludes Oct 2022
Rural FinancingStuart WhatlingTerm concludes Oct 2023
Women Working in AgricultureElizabeth SkirvingTerm concludes Oct 2022
Primary ProductionDavid AddisonTerm Concludes Oct 2023
Transport & LogisticsBrett CharltonTerm concludes Oct 2023

Board Members, as ratified by members at AGM are shown in the table above.

The Minister of the day is invited to send a representative to all Board Meetings as a non-voting “Observer”. The current representatives are Mr. Tom Jackson.