Precision Agriculture Expo 2017

Calling all Current and Future Poppy Growers!

Poppy Growers Tasmania Inc. in conjunction with Tasmanian Alkaloids and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Australia Pty Ltd are delighted to present a Poppy EXPO within the existing Precision Agriculture EXPO. See Program below for full details. The balance of the PA Program outside the Poppy EXPO is also strongly recommended as deserving your attention.

2017 – “Tillage and Seeding” focus.

2016 Highlights

Watch the video of highlights from the 2016 Expo

Expo 2017 Program


Other invited Exhibitors supported by the EXPO Committee:

  • Bureau of Meteorology
  • Rural Alive and Well
  • Safe Farming Tasmania Project
  • TASSIC and Land Tasmania
  • TIA – Grazing Animals PA Project