About Us

TAPG was established in 1989 to provide advocacy around responsible regulation of pesticides in the agricultural sector. The benefits of broad industry collaboration, both between sectors and between pre and post farm gate interests, is more evident today than ever and critical to providing the optimum policy and priority settings for growth of the Tasmanian economy.

In response to this critical role in advocacy and specifically TAPG’s preferred approach of soft diplomacy, TAPG has grown to become a trusted and respected conduit between Government and the agricultural industry. This exists not only for policy setting but also for the exchange of ideas and initiatives between industry and Government. TAPG often act as an ‘honest broker’ or facilitator in this space.

In addition to advocacy support TAPG also provides leadership on a range of productivity related initiatives, with recent examples including the management of projects to advance Precision Agriculture, facilitating Innovation Extension forums and contribution to marketing initiatives.

TAPG exists as a highly skilled and networked sectoral board supported by an Executive Officer. The board represent members whom invest in TAPG not only for their individual benefit but more importantly for the benefit of the entire agricultural community. TAPG remains committed to supporting responsible policy and being a critical driving force in initiatives to advance agriculture for the benefit of the entire Tasmanian community.