Precision Agriculture

Find out from the Experts how you can improve yield and reduce costs

Precision Agriculture provides an opportunity to increase the productive capacity of existing cropping land.

This Shopfront will

  • House the commercial contact details of all the current Precision Ag providers who have featured at the Precision Agriculture EXPO
  • Provide details of these providers
  • Contain details of our collaborating farmers who were part of our field-based Project work will be provided as sources of practical experience for interested growers.

TAPG hopes that by helping farmers learn about the benefits and application of Precision Agriculture across the industry now, they will be better equipped to make the most of the new cropping areas as they come on-line.

PA Projects

The Precision Agriculture project, conducted by the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG), in conjunction with the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) and Serve-Ag, aims to help boost farm productivity by using precision agriculture technologies to enable better crop management and yield prediction. Other service providers who have assisted with the project include AgLogic (Reuben Wells) for processing and storage of data layers, and Terrapix (Neil Meadows) for aerial NDVI imagery during the crop growing season.

PA Projects

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